i thought it would be fun to share the photos i got of the girls for our annual christmas card. it was a "flying by the seat of our pants" portion of the weekend and kyle and i just threw them in their christmas pajamas and took them up to our bedroom to see what we could get. i really like the way they came out. they're simple and fun and the happy smiles are just what i was looking for. you wouldn't believe how many fart sounds and booger jokes had to be made for those! when all else fails, throw them on a white bed and get some giggles.

christmas card photos
christmas card photos
christmas card photos
christmas card photos


we took the babes to the park for some fall photos. goofballs wanted to keep rearranging the pumpkins and see every frame. they're so sweet with each other right now. hugs and back rubs. they share and help each other. it's really precious and i have no idea how long it will last so i'm soaking up the bestie-syndrome. with other people, i always compile a mental list of shots i want to get. but with my own children i always always always wing it. i have no idea why. maybe because i'm not sure what to expect with my own kiddos or that i hope to find a new, fun pose or candid from the spontaneity. in any case, we had a nice time and made a short night of it. in and out before attitudes went sour. they are so fun, my little models! i hope it doesn't get old seeing my own kids sprinkled in here from time to time. i got the image of them bundled in the blanket printed and framed in my living room. those fall colors get me every time!





i'm sad to say that charlotte will no longer be my area of focus any longer. studio britt has moved to a new state! it's scary and exciting at the same time. mr. studio britt got a job in baltimore, maryland this year. it has been quite the long year. his job started in april and the girls and i stayed with family in florida while he worked and house hunted for us and while our charlotte house was on the market. as soon as the house sold, 8 weeks of agony(!), we were all reunited in baltimore. it's been a rough start here, one of many incidents being that kyle's car was stolen our first month here. we've really been missing our charlotte family and our charlotte home. but we're all together now and semi-settled and it's time to focus on photography. i'm offering a great discount while i build my baltimore portfolio. see the information page for more details!



a lovely afternoon with my one of my favorite families! i love how the color of their clothes and the light interact. the light was gorgeous and everybody was in a good mood. well, at least i hope they were after i fell feet over my head in some leaves. only i would do something like that haha!

broder family
broder family
broder family
broder family
broder family



my spunky second-born and her cake smash. she is ONE. i can't believe it, of course. since my sweetie is an early november birthday, i took her newborn photos with pumpkins and i plan to keep the tradition going! so her pumpkin patch first birthday theme was a very obvious choice for me and i just love how her cakesmash came out. my favorite is her stank, snarky little face. those lips are such a trip. enjoy this little snippet of her sugary afternoon!









happy birthday, sasha-rie! i love seeing this adorable girl grow. we started in her room with a "good morning on your birthday!" moment and then headed outside. i had her momma jumping around like a maniac and sing-song calling out to sasha to get those smiles. and the funny thing is, she really wasn't that interested in the cupcake at all. what a cutie!

sasha 1st bday

sasha 1st bday

sasha 1st bday

sasha 1st bday



look at this super adorable family! why can't my eyes look like miss clara's? little davis isn't so little anymore and just recently turned one so we all got together for some family pictures and a cakesmash. i think my favorite has to be the wagon picture, but seriously any one with clara being the sweet big sister that she is will always go straight to the top of my list. :)

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i think for my birthday this year i want a strawberry shortcake, too! how adorable is this? little dude was not shy about shoving the whole thing in his mouth. mom kept having to dive in and retrieve big pieces!

happy birthday, davie!
davis cakesmash