we took the babes to the park for some fall photos. goofballs wanted to keep rearranging the pumpkins and see every frame. they're so sweet with each other right now. hugs and back rubs. they share and help each other. it's really precious and i have no idea how long it will last so i'm soaking up the bestie-syndrome. with other people, i always compile a mental list of shots i want to get. but with my own children i always always always wing it. i have no idea why. maybe because i'm not sure what to expect with my own kiddos or that i hope to find a new, fun pose or candid from the spontaneity. in any case, we had a nice time and made a short night of it. in and out before attitudes went sour. they are so fun, my little models! i hope it doesn't get old seeing my own kids sprinkled in here from time to time. i got the image of them bundled in the blanket printed and framed in my living room. those fall colors get me every time!